Images of working students

 Avola: the Kamishibai

Huelva: working on questionnaires in internationally mixed groups


Cesis: Learning how to write properly

Presenting gifts to the Bailiff, first the male and the female gentry, then the peasants

The final day in Riga already under lockdown conditions: freezing in the snow

Viersen, the beginning of the project in November 2018

Students are using different tools to getting to know each other's competences and abilities. Does it make a difference with whom the "games" are played? How can I make myself understood?

 Different presentations of home towns: Huelva and Viersen

Our headmaster, Christoph Hopp, has just put up the new plaque of the project in the school's entry hall.


For the Open-door day the students created posters of the mobilities for the visiting parents and future students. This one shows images of Sicily ... snow on Mount Etna, the sea, and the Baroque town hall of Noto.

Italian Teams ( Students and Teachers) took part to the International Memory Street Game, in which the students prepared cards with the names of 40 women from all over the world, almost don't remembered, and created the Guess Who? game together with Toponomastica Femminile association.
Here you have the video of work at school..

Erasmus + Gender Differences and International Memory Street Game

Rome Award Ceremony

Here you have some pictures of our project award in Rome, April 2019
Enjoy watching...

Project meeting in Huelva

Our students with their host students

For the meeting in Huelva our students prepared videos where parents and grandparents are talking about their life when they were 15 years old.
Here are old commercials that explain what was society 50 years ago in Latvia: